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Spillway is a meditation on the insuppressible power of nature and its influence on the course of human lives--an unending journey with determinate direction and indeterminate end. Form and dynamics from nature are reflected in our natural being and the artifice, the art, that we make: the veins that carry our lifeblood follow the forms of rivers, and likewise the construction of our roads, highways, byways, and the course of our relationships through life. The form and flow of rivers is elemental, the shape of pure energy and life. Inspired by Jennifer Higdon's study of three rivers in Tennessee, Concerto 4-3, Spillway continues the composer's sonic journey into the course and flow of dance.

Commissioner: Pennsylvania Ballet

Length: 20 minutes

Music: Jennifer Higdon

Dancers: Yuka Iseda, Jermel Johnson, Lily DiPiazza, Sterling Baca

Cory Ogdahl, Cato Berry, Emily Davis, Adrianna deSvastich, Denis Maciel, Siobhan Howley, Erin O’Dea, Nick Patterson, Sophie Savas, Emily Wilson

Lighting Design: Nick Kolin

Premiere: May 27, 2021 - Performance Garage, Philadelphia PA

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