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Make Haste Slowly

Make Haste Slowly is loosely inspired by my drives to rehearse with the company and the view from my window as the fall tuned into winter, and the cars piled up rushing to go nowhere.

Commissioned By: Brandywine Ballet

Length: 17 Minutes

Music: Kevin Volans

Costume Design: Meredith Rainey

Dancers: Elizabeth Barchi, Isabelle Burnetta, Suzanne Chisena, Alex DiMattia, Tim Early, Samantha Holland, Jaime Lennon, Emily McAveney, Chloe Montgomery, Caitlin Oeste, NIcole Salvaggio, Allissa Stahl, Hannah Telthorster, Eleanor Whittum, Devin Wilkins, Emma Yasick

Premiere: May 8, 2009 - Emile K. Asplundh Concert Hall, West Chester, PA

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