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The act of creating dance is natural and necessary. Choreography provides an opportunity to work together collaboratively with dancers and designers to envision and manifest new experiences and vantages.  Through collaboration, examination, and observation, we focus on processes of transformation through the dynamic play between humor and solemnity.


In creating my work, I employ thinking dancers that have honed and refined technique. Their infinite source of ingenuity affords fresh possibilities to play.  As a group we make decisions, try and fail, try and succeed, move, stand still, talk, laugh and cry, and finally produce work that gives an audience, opportunities for distinctive connections and their own personal interpretations.


In my choreography I work to expose the hidden structure of things, ideas and people. We explore the very quiet, intimate and guarded act of transformation from invisibility to visibility, and the potential of hyper-visibility. Facilitating this undressing and revealing of a subject is what lies at the core of the work. Ultimately this makes the work relatable and authentic to an audience and speaks to how we all perform in the world.


Picture this: 15-year-old, African American teenager living in Fort Lauderdale with my single mother, sister and, on occasion, my brothers. Having the fortunate experience of witnessing my girlfriend dance. She was rehearsing a solo that she would be performing to audition for aposition in the Dillard School of the Performing Arts. Now, not knowing anything about dance I said to her after she finished dancing, “That was really nice.” She then asked if I had any suggestions I then said (with great hubris), “Well, you know when that high note in the music came, maybe you should have kicked instead of going to the floor.” This was my first choreographic act. Soon after this episode I applied for Dillard School of the Performing Arts myself, after some persuasion from my girlfriend and my guidance counselor. I got in and took ballet, Graham technique and jazz, as well as the other mandatory courses. Every class was a new and exciting challenge. I felt a new found energy and possibility with every new step. At the top was ballet. I was really drawn to the rigor, discipline and the dedication to constant improvement. Needless to say, the ballet stuck.



2018  Dance Fellowship: University of the Arts

2018  Life Experience Scholarship: University of the Arts

2014  Goucher College Residency

2011  The A.W.A.R.D Show! 2011: Philadelphia

2010  Swarthmore Project Residency at Swarthmore College

2010  Dance Advance Grant (The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage)

2008  CEC New Edge Residency

2006  Swarthmore Project Residency at Swarthmore College

2004  Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship

2002  Winner - Hubbard Street 2 Choreography Competition

2002  Independence Foundation Artist Fellowship

2002  Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation “Artist as Catalyst” Grant

1997  Seven Arts Magazine “Rising Star” Award

1996  Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship

For more detailed information please contact Meredith for a full CV.

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