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Before They Break

They Break is inspired by artist Chris Armstrong’s oil painting entitled “Summerhead”

Commissioned By: Ballet X

Length: 23 Minutes

Music: David Lang

Costume Design: Martha Chamberlain

Lighting Design: Drew Billiau

Dancers: Colby Damon, Jennifer Goodman, Tara Keating, Anitra Keegan, Jesse Marks, Eric Otto, Bradley Schlagheck

Premiere: November 19, 2009 - The Wilma Theater, Philadelphia, PA


Local choreographer Meredith Rainey draws inspiration from a Chris Armstrong oil painting named “Summerhead” that has men dancing in long, flowing skirts and women dancing with such force that sweat brashly flies from their faces. In “THEY BREAK,” Rainey wanted to do something big with a lot of movement and he accomplishes that.         

Porsche Slocum - Philly 2

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