As a teacher I work to inspire. My job is to find fresh approaches that help reimagine how ballet technique can be taught making it inspiring and inclusive, while also supporting the rigor and discipline the art deserves.

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This studio course introduces the fundamentals of classical ballet vocabulary with a focus on anatomically correct alignment, movement quality, and musicality. Physical conditioning for ballet is built into the class sessions. Students are made aware that hands-on correction is an essential element of ballet training and be prepared for physical adjustment in the classroom.


The Intermediate and or advanced level course in ballet technique concentrates on movement vocabulary, critical analysis of movement combinations, muscular stamina, flexibility, line, and artistry. This class is intended for intermediate to advanced ballet students to hone their skills and improve their overall artistic approach to their technique. Students at this level are expected to focus their physical, technical, and intellectual alongside their artistic achievements. Students are also be expected to have a working knowledge of ballet vocabulary.


Classical to Contemporary

This intermediate to advanced course takes students and first introduces them to the technique of classical partnering. The principles of hand-holds, promenades, lifts and tosses lead to more advanced ideas of weight sharing and off-balanced partnering.  All of which are introduced in a structured and methodical manner. I believe that partnering can be a metaphor for how we conduct ourselves as citizens in the world. The concepts of trust, compromise reliability and responsiveness that are tied into my teaching of partnering are values that are useful well outside of the studio.

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