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Choreographic Archive
Everything large and small


Having No Choice, They Will Move/ Bryn Mawr College (Arvo Pärt)

Out of This Becoming/ American University (Debussey, Fairge)


Birdland/ Brandywine Ballet (Oliver Davis)

PMG/ Brandywine Ballet (Johann Sebastian Bach)

In This Quiet Quiver/ University of the Arts (Ilan Isakov)


In Between this Direction/ University of the Arts (Meijering, Richter)

Dowsing the Low/ Bryn Mawr College (Ezio Bosso)

Request/ Pitch Dance (Arvo Pärt) – created in collaboration w/Tania Isaac


(In)Visible/ Pitch Dance (Bach, Chopin, Cousineau) - created in collaboration w/Tania Isaac

Rush/ Stockton University (Henrick Schwarz)

In your secrets, you are.../ Drexel University (Arvo Pärt)


Swan Lake Act 2/ Brandywine Ballet (Pyotr Tchaikovsky)

Blank/ University of the Arts (Scanner aka. Robin Rimbaud)

Willy Nilly/ Drexel University (J.S. Bach)

The Roar/ University of the Arts Spring Concert (Apparat & Ellen Allien, Zoe Keating)

Boxing Aurora/ Bryn Mawr College (Kevin Volans)


A Roar on the Other Side of Silence/ University of the Arts Winter Concert (J.S.Bach)

Chaconne/ Goucher College (J.S.Bach)

Syna/ University of the Arts Spring Conert (Hilary Hahn, Hauschka)

Secretum - Having been set apart/ Peabody Institute (Joby Talbot)

For Jiri/ Drexel University Winter Concet (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi)


Graffiato/ Bryn Mawr College (Apparat/Allien)

3 in the matter of 3/ University of the Arts Spring Concert (King/Kline)

Fashioned from the Opinion/ Drexel University (Mark Kuss)

I Awoke To Find Myself Standing in the Rain/ Drexel University (Max Richter)


Science per Forms/ Carbon Dance Theatre, (Gabriel Prokofiev)

Looking For A Small Thought/ Shut Up and Dance, (Caroline Shaw)

Per Cinque/ Peabody Institute, (Vivaldi)

I Am Not I/ Peabody Institute, (J.S. Bach)

Up Against Itself/ Drexel University, (Caroline Shaw)


Waiting Room/ Carbon Dance Theatre, (Franz Schubert)

Green/ Bryn Mawr College, (Björk)

Upon the Point of Intersection/ Peabody Institute, (Michael Nyman)


Under the Red/ Swarthmore College, (Maurice Ravel)

Caged/ Danse 4 Nia, (Joby Talbot)

The Line Will Move/ Muhlenberg College (J.S. Bach)


They Break/ Ballet X, (David Lang)2009

Look Inside/ CEC “New Edge” Residency, (Jorge Cousineau)

Make Haste Slowly/ Brandywine Ballet, (Kevin Volans)

Petal / Caged/ Garden State Dance Festival, (Brahms / Caccini)

Before they Fall/ Muhlenberg College, (Todd Reynolds)


Seven to One/ Garden State Dance Festival, (Michael Gordon)

Panel/ Shut Up and Dance, (Jorge Cousineau)


This Is It/It Is This/ Choreographers Project, (David Lang)

Ex Nihilo/ Incolballet; First International Ballet Festival of Calí, Columbia South America, (Vivaldi)

In the Light of Shadow/ Garden State Dance Festival, (Jeff Story)

Near Miss/ Shut Up and Dance, (Steve Reich)


PM/ Shut Up and Dance, (Ludwig van Beethoven)


Shadowplay/ Ballet X, (Chen Yi)2005

One Button Down/ Shut Up and Dance, (Eiichi Saito, Tetsuro Naito)


Verum Gaudium / Raga / Slight Shifts/(South American Premier) Incoln Ballet, Cali, Columbia

Bolmimeri/ American Harp Society, (Carlos Salzedo)

Six to One, Nap Time/ Shut Up and Dance, (Björk) (Toby Twining)


Verum Gaudim / There & Back Again/ Wills Eye Hospital, (J.S. Bach), (J.S. Bach, Arvo Pärt)

Raga/ Shut Up and Dance, (Shiela Chandra)


Through The Wake/ Hubbard Street 2, (Richard Strauss)

Speaking in Tongues/ Miami International Ballet Festival, (Shiela Chandra)


Mixed Company/ Relâche Ensemble, (Guy Klucevsek) [full solo evening of work]

Fall In/ Miami International Ballet Festival/Shut Up and Dance, (Guy Klucevsek)


Paper/ Shut Up and Dance, (W. A. Mozart)


Fly on the Wall/ Phrenic New Ballet, (Maurice Ravel)

Waltz at 20 / Installation/ Phrenic New Ballet, (Jaques Brel)(John Adams)

Last Drag/ Bryn Mawr College, (Squirrel Nut Zippers)

Zipper Suite/ Shut Up and Dance, (Squirrel Nut Zippers)


Slight Shifts/ Pennsylvania Ballet, (Steve Reich)

Aire/ Shut Up and Dance, (J.S. Bach)

Graces/ Bryn Mawr College, (Michael Nyman)

Cinderella/ Delaware Regional Ballet, (Sergei Prokofiev)


In a State of Undress/ University of the Arts: Philadelphia Dances 1998, (J.S. Bach)

Still Holding/ Shut Up and Dance, (Samuel Barber)


Kodo/ Philadelphia Fringe Festival, (Ondekozo and Kodo)

Feeling the Need/ Shut Up and Dance, (Adam Wernick)

Water Women/ Bryn Mawr College, (Edgar Meyer and Mark O’Conner)


If Only/ Carlisle Project New Impulses, (David Darling)

Deliverance / Funky Town/ Shut Up and Dance, (C. Monteverdi)(The Chemical Brothers)

Cracks in the Sidewalk / Interiors/ Pennsylvania Ballet, (Philip Glass)

Beauty and the Beast/ Delaware Regional Ballet, (Maurice Ravel)


100 Degrees in the Shade/By Leaps and Bounds PA Ballet Benefit, (Davenport/Cooley)


Underneath Everything There Is…/ Philadanco (with PA Ballet) (Peter Gabriel)

Duke’s Call/ School of the Pennsylvania Ballet, (Duke Ellington)

5 by Franklin by 5/ Shut Up and Dance, (Aretha Franklin)


In This Box/ Shut Up and Dance, (Peter Sculthorpe)

Children’s Games/ The Philadelphia Orchestra & School of Pennsylvania Ballet, (Georges Bizet)


Stravinsky Suite/ Off-Center Ballet Experimental wing of PA Ballet (Igor Stravinsky)

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