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Request is a collage of short dances that thread together the memory of people, relationships, fears, aspirations and moments in time and/or connection.

Created for: Pitch (a dance co.)

Length: 8-11 Minutes

Choreographic Collaborator: Tania Isaac

Music: Arvo Pärt, Fratres

Dancers: Danielle Currica, Brian Coleman

Premiere: January 27, 2017 - Painted Bride Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA

History of Request


Pitch (a dance co.)

Painted Bride (Premier) - Danielle Currica, Brian Coleman

Performance Garage Gala - Donovan Reed, Brian Coleman

Swarthmore College - Donovan Reed, Marco Bonnes

University of the Arts - School of Dance

Winter Concert

Montana Nogrady & Laura Witsek

Laura Witsek & Ramon Vargas

Molly Malin & Mian White

Naomi Hutchinson & Gabrielle Ferreira

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