Slight Shifts

Commissioned By: Pennsylvania Ballet

Length: 35 Minutes

Music: Steve Reich

Costume Design: Ricky Lizaldi

Lighting Design: John Huey

Dancers: James Ady Leslie Carothers, Edward Cieslak, Christine Cox, Heidi Cruz-Austin, Jodie Gates, Jeffrey Gribler, James Ihde, Portia Maria Jones, Tara Keating, David Krensing, Amanda Miller, Jessica Nicol-Thomas, Matthew Neenan, Juan Carlos Penuela, Ryan Brooke Taylor

Premiere: October 27, 1999 - Merriam Theater, Philadelphia, PA

Also Performed by: Incoln Ballet of Colombia, South America

Meredith Rainey's athletically elegant "Slight Shifts"
- Lewis Whittington Philadelphia Weekly
The dynasty jumps to a new generation in Meredith Rainey's wonderful new "Slight Shifts".
- Elizabeth Zimmer The Philadelphia Inquirer

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