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With No Choice, They Will Move

With No Choice, They Will Move is a work trying to speak with and alongside ideas of immigration and movement.  It has been inspired by ideas of struggle, hard decisions that have to be made, the consequences of those decisions, and the chaos (internal and external) that is produced as a result. Exodus and forced immigration are about not having a choice. Through movement, we show the turmoil, struggle, and surrender that one confronts in order to move within a space of no choice. Essential to navigating hardship and discovering choice, even in the most difficult contexts is movement.

Commissioner: Bryn Mawr College

Length: 11 minutes 30 seconds

Music: Arvo Pärt, Fratres

Dancers: Kirsten Bernhardt, Emma Chen, Isabel Clark, Bethan Lodge, Nicola McHugh, Heather Robinson, Natalia San Antonio, Sophia Silver

Lighting Design: Alyssandra Docherty

Costume Design: Amanda Wolff

Premiere: April 26, 2019 - Goodhart Hall, Bryn Mawr PA

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