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Science Per Forms
Video by Ibanez Kim

Science per Forms is an evening-length work created in collaboration with robotic and technology collaborators that incorporates concepts, technologies and inventions from the discipline of science.

Created For: Carbon Dance Theatre

Length: 60 Minutes

Music: ARP, Gabriel Prokofiev

Choreographic Collaborator: Marcel W. Foster

Robotic & Technology Collaborators: Andrew Gardner (Accelerometer Device), Georgia Gunthrie (Kinects System), Simon Kim PhD (Robotic Arms & Accelerometer Device), Stella Latscha (Robotic Arms Programmer), Mark Yim PhDz (Robotic Arms), Dean Wilhelmi (Robotic Arms Programmer)

Costume Design: Martha Chamberlain

Lightning Design: Joseph Glodek

Dancers: Felicia Cruz, Sun-Mi Cho, Danielle Currica, Anna Noble, Eiren Shuman-Sutton, Annie Wilson

Premiere: October 25, 2012 - Christ Church Neighborhood House, Philadelphia, PA

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